Progressive or Streaming?

At vzaar we offer several delivery methods so it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

You can change your video delivery method at A new account will default to 'Force Progressive' but it's a good idea to choose the setting that's right for the type of content you're offering.

Force Streaming (RTMPe)

The RTMPe protocol streams your video in continuous fragments without disclosing the location of the video file, offering a  secure method of content delivery. This setting is generally more efficient with bandwidth, as it doesn't need to load video from the beginning to the end, only what is viewed.

Note that RTMPe is a Flash-only benefit so it will not secure content viewed using our HTML5 player.

Force Progressive (HTTP)

Progressive download will start loading the video from beginning to end, so it is better suited for short videos. We offer a pseudo-streaming service with this setting that allows users to skip to different points in the video, emulating true streaming.


This setting will make the default delivery method RTMPe Streaming, which will fall back to HTTP Progressive Download should the stream be blocked or if the player is set to loop.

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