Accessing your invoices

Your invoices are conveniently located in your accounts tab. You can view, save, e-mail, or even print your invoices directly from your vzaar account.

Accessing Your Invoices

To access your invoices, simply do the following:

1 - Log in to vzaar

2 - Underneath the Dashboard, click on 'ACCOUNT' then 'Billing'

3 - Scroll down to the heading where you can see your 'Previous invoices', and click on the green link where you can 'View older invoices' if the invoice that you're looking for has not been seen in your most recent invoices.

Alternatively, you can click the following link to be taken directly to your billing page.

Updating Your Invoice Information

If your invoices are missing any details, you can update you add your Business' name and VAT number in your Account Settings and update your address from your Profile

Retrieving Your Invoice

Once you have accessed your invoice, you have several options with regards to downloading, or sharing the document.

You will see three icons:

E-mail - Sends the invoice directly to the e-mail you registered your account with.

Print - Prints the document from your computer.

Save as PDF - Allows you to save the invoice as a PDF for viewing/printing at a later date.

Please ensure you download all invoices before cancelling your subscription with us, as we do not hold onto these documents once you have deleted your account with us.

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