Replace My Video

This is a useful tool if you have embedded your video on a website and want to change the content without having to change the video ID. To replace your video:

  1. Log into your vzaar account
  2. Click on the 'manage' button next to the video you want to replace
  3. Select the 'Replace' button located above the video
  4. Browse and locate the new video that you want to upload in place of the previous video.
  5. You'll then proceed through the normal upload and encode steps, and once complete, the previous video will have then been replaced with your new content.

Once the video has been uploaded the video content on your website will be replaced automatically. This means the embed code has not changed but the video has, so in all instances where this embed code is on the internet the new content will be replaced by the old.

Please note that if the replacement video was shot in a different size or aspect ratio then it will be encoded to fit the size of the original player selected.

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