Subtitles are a key feature when you want to expand your viewing numbers to audiences all over the globe.
When using Subtitles with vzaar, you can upload multiple files in various languages, giving your viewers the opportunity to select the language whilst viewing.

This help document will provide you with steps on how to select your default language, uploading files as well as how to format your subtitles file.

Selecting your default language

In your  player settings you can select the default language of all your future uploads. For example, if all your subtitles were in Polish, then select this from the menu and each time you upload a file your language will be already selected:

Uploading subtitle files to your video

As subtitles will differ on each video, you need to go to the management page of your video in order to upload your files. Within the video navigation, you will see an icon labelled 'Subtitles'. When expanded, you now have the option to search for your files:

Adding additional language files to your videos

If you require a second language file, just follow the same process as before only this time, you will need to select a different language as you cannot upload more than one file of the same language. In the screenshot below, you will see that I already uploaded my English subtitles and I'm about to upload my Spanish subtitles:

Viewing your subtitles

Once your subtitles have been uploaded, you will see a subtitles icon appear inside your player. If you've uploaded more than one file, your viewer will be able to select from a list of languages.

Note: By default, Subtitles are turned off.

The Subtitle file format

At present, we only support files with the extension .srt (SubRip). You can read more about this here:  SubRip
Below, is an example block of code which illustrates how to format your subtitle files. The example shown, will display the words 'Welcome to my video' between the seconds of 1 and 4, and 'on how to make money by using online video' between the seconds of 5 and 9.
It's very important to follow the following structure precisely or the subtitles won't display. Also, make sure to use a plain text editor such as Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for OSX; word processors will change quote marks to “curly quotes” which will not be recognized by the player. Make sure that your text editor saves the subtitle file using UTF-8 encoding.
00:00:01,000 --> 00:00:04,000
Welcome to my video

00:00:05,000 --> 00:00:09,000
on how to make money by using online video

Example video

Here is one of our screencasts with English subtitles:

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