How to Monetize your Videos with Advertising

Monetize your videos through the display of VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, or VPAID 2 compliant pre, mid and post-roll linear adverts.

The main prerequisite for offering advertising on vzaar is that you have an account with an advertising provider that can offer valid ad tags.

You can set a global advert for all videos here or set them specifically on each one by going to the videos manage page here: where xxxxxxx is your video id. In both cases, once on the advertising panel, you may choose from several options:

  • pre-roll - takes an ad tag, and allows you to choose a custom message to play at the beginning
  • mid-roll - as above, but also lets you choose which point the advert appears at
  • post-roll - the ad tag to show at the end of the video, also with custom text


In the tag URL, we support the following macros:

_timestamp_ - Adds a timestamp to the URL
_random_ - Adds a random number sequence for cache busting
_referrer_url_ - Adds the URL of the referring page

but you're not required to use them.

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