How to Monetize your Videos with Advertising

Monetize your videos through the display of VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, or VPAID 2 compliant pre, mid and post roll linear adverts.

The main prerequisite for offering advertising on vzaar is that you have an account with an advertising provider that can offer valid ad. tags.

You can set a global advert for all videos  here or set them specifically on each one by going to the videos manage page here: xxxxxxx is your video id. In both cases, once on the advertising panel you may choose from several options:

  • pre roll - takes an ad tag, and allows you to choose a custom message to play at the beginning
  • mid roll - as above, but also lets you choose which point the advert appears at
  • post roll - the ad tag to show at the end of the video, also with custom text

Advertising is included in the  Premium Feature Set which is included in the cost of the Enterprise subscription and is available as a paid upgrade at the other subscription levels:


In the tag URL, we support the following macros:

_timestamp_ - Adds a timestamp to the URL
_random_ - Adds a random number sequence for cache busting
_referrer_url_ - Adds the URL of the referring page

but you're not required to use them.

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