vzaar videos in PDF Documents and Presentations

It is possible to add content uploaded to your vzaar account into documents and presentations, but the videos will open externally in your browser instead of within your document.

The best way to add video to your document is to insert the video's poster frame found on within the 'Advanced Video Links' section of your manage page onto your document, and add a hyperlink to its Branded Video Page to the image.

Once this image has been added to your document, you can then paste a hyperlink to the image.

Firstly, you will need to ensure that your content is publicised so that it can be viewed from your Branded Video Page (https://help.vzaar.com/article/60-branded-video-page). To publicise your content, you will need to go to the settings from the manage pages of your videos and choose to disable your video's private state (https://help.vzaar.com/article/170-privacy-and-security).

Once your videos are publicised and your manage page is refreshed, you will then be able to see the Branded Video Page URL from the 'Share & Embed' section below your video.

To create

Note: This process has been tested in Office 2007 only but should transfer to other versions of Office depending on MS compatibility. Object embedding appears to involve ActiveX so this process may not work at all on non-Windows versions of Powerpoint.