How to add video to eBay listings

Note: This article refers to our integrated eBay feature. It's also possible to embed videos manually into eBay listings if you prefer. Check out our guide to manual embedding.

The vzaar eBay integration gives you a quick & easy way to add videos to your eBay listings. Link your eBay account to your vzaar account and videos will appear in your listings.
  • Go to the 'Third Party' tab in your vzaar settings. Scroll to eBay Integration and toggle the switch to ‘On’.
  • You will then be prompted to login to your eBay account.
  • Give vzaar access to your eBay account by hitting ‘I agree’.
  • Go to your videos page, choose the one you want to add to your eBay listing and hit manage.
  • Just above the video you’ll see a button to ‘add to ebay’. Click this and you will go to the Insert Video into eBay Auction page.

  • Enter up to ten eBay auction IDs in the text area and click "Review & Confirm". This will take you to the Confirmation page. Once all the metadata for the auctions is retrieved, you will be able to remove any incorrect auctions and add the video to the remaining auctions.

  • Now click ‘Add to Auctions’ and you will see your video will now appear in your eBay listing(s).

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