Brand Text & Web Link

vzaar allows you to control the branded text on your own player. Instead of carrying the vzaar brand, you can update the Brand Text in the bottom right hand corner to something of your own choosing. At the same time you can also have the text link to a website address (URL) of your choice.

This is a great feature if you want to give your video player a more professional look and feel. Examples could include:

  • Company Name and link to company website
  • Free Shipping & link to shopping cart for item
  • Call to Action (eg. 'Book an appointment today. Call us on 0800 111 222')

You can update the brand text and web link in your  Settings Page. This will update the embed code for all videos currently in your vzaar account. It will not update video players already embedded on other websites.

You can also set the brand text for a specific video in the videos settings on the videos manage page here: [ VIDEO ID ] /settings/branding

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