Video Watermarking

vzaar allows you to digitally watermark your videos with a logo or image of your choice. In uploading your own image to vzaar, we'll overlay that image into the video so that you can mark or protect your videos with your own branding or messaging. The main purpose of Video Watermarking is security. If you would like to create a similar mark for purely visual effect, we suggest you use our  Brand Overlay feature instead.

It is also possible to  overlay text with a web link.

You can upload an image of your choice, which we'll save, and also control its positioning within the video player. We default the image to the top left hand corner of the video player.

The watermark feature can be turned on or off. When on, all subsequent videos uploaded will, by default, be watermarked with the image selected.

This feature is available in your  security settings.

Note: Watermarks are added during the encoding process so you will need to enable vzaar encoding. If you upload videos without using vzaar encoding, your watermark will not be applied. 

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