Bulk Uploading

vzaar makes it easy to upload multiple files

On the vzaar site

You can upload up to ten files at a time on the vzaar website.

On any vzaar page, click the 'UPLOAD VIDEO' button in the top right corner:

Then click the 'CHOOSE FILES button or just drag and drop a video into the browser window:

To select multiple files at one time, you can hold down the ctrl key on Windows, or cmd on a Mac, whilst selecting files.

Choose your ingest recipe for this upload (or batch of uploads) then click 'START UPLOADING' and the files will be uploaded in turn. Remember not to leave this page until all the files have finished uploading - if you click away or close this window, uploading will stop:

In your settings you can now activate a feature called the Dropbox uploader. This will connect your vzaar and Dropbox accounts so that you can set as many videos to upload as you would like.

Once activated a folder will be created for you in your Dropbox account to put your files into. Overtime we will pull the videos from this folder and upload them to your vzaar account using your default encoding settings.