vzaar player parameters

The table below details the variables that can be used to change the behaviour of your video player. You can read more about how to do this here.

This help document is aimed at the more advanced user, but can be used by anyone with some html knowledge. Please note that we only officially support the default embed code we provide you with via your video asset page, and any consequences caused by any changes to the embed code are therefore the responsibility of the user.

adPreRollUrl Custom URL null Sets the URL for the pre-roll ad
adMidRollTime Integer (number of seconds) null Sets the mid-roll start time in seconds
adMidRollUrl Custom URL null Sets the URL for the mid-roll ad
adPostRollUrl Custom URL null Sets the URL for the post-roll ad
apiOn true, false false Enables the JavaScript API if set to true
autoMute true, false true setting to 'false' disables auto-muting of autoplay videos when required by a browser for autoplay; instead autoplay will be disabled for browsers that do not allow autoplay with sound
autoplay true, false
false Starts the video playing automatically if set to true 
border true, false true Controls whether to show the player border
brandLink Custom URL null Link to follow when clicking on the brand text
brandOverlayFS true, false true Brand overlay will not be shown in full screen mode if set to false
brandText Custom text null Brand text displayed above the video controls
colourAccent Hex colour (e.g. #000000) null Secondary colour to be used in custom colour scheme. Can be used in conjunction with colourBase or on its own.
colourBase Hex colour (e.g. #000000) null Primary colour to be used in custom colour scheme. Can be used in conjunction with colourAccent or on its own.
colourBg Hex colour (e.g. #000000) or none #000000 Colour to be used for the player background and letterboxing or pillarboxing.
colourSet default, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, brown default Colour scheme used for the player
continuousPlay true, false null Used to start automatically playing subsequent videos in a playlist
disableControls true, false null Used to disable the player click and space bar pause/resume functionality. Use in conjunction with hideControls to remove all player interaction.
endLink Custom URL null Link to follow from end text, if specified
endText Custom text null Text shown in a box when the video ends
gaOn true, false false Enables Google Analytics tracking
gaProgressInterval Integer (percentage of video length) 10 Percentage intervals at which progress events are sent to Google Analytics
GATracking Google Analytics account ID null Tracks player events to the specified GA account (Flash only)
hideBuffering true, false false Can be used to hide the loading and buffering messages
hideControls true, false, onload, rollover false The player control buttons will be hidden completely if this is set to true. If set to onload or rollover, the controls will either be hidden or appear only when the mouse is over the player before playback
hideFullScreen true, false false Controls whether to show the full screen button
kioskMode true, false false Displays the video content with no other elements or interaction. Autoplay and looping are also set to true.
language Language code  en Used to specify alternative language versions of the player; uses the two letter 639-1 language codes
looping true, false false Automatically replays the video if set to true
mailchimpAPIKey Mailchimp API key null Mailchimp account to submit subscribers to
mailchimpListID Mailchimp list ID null Mailchimp list to submit subscribers to
mcHideClose true, false null Hide or display the Mail Catcher "X" close-out button
playsinline true, false false If set to false videos played on iPhones will always go to fullscreen on playback
playlistMode left, right, top, bottom left Position of playlist in relation to the video
playlistTitles true, false true Hides the video titles displayed on playlist thumbnails if set to false
preload true, false true If set to false then only the poster frame is loaded on page load and the player is created when playback is initiated
previewThumbs true, false true Controls appearance of thumbnails when scrubbing the control bar
setSubsBG true, false true Enables the opaque subtitle background if set to true
showControlsForJSAds true, false true Sets whether playback controls should be shown on JS based ads
showPlayButton true, false, rollover rollover Controls whether to show the main play button (before the video starts)
skipButtons true, false false Controls whether to show the skip forward and back buttons in the lower corners of the player
skipTime Integer (number of seconds) 5 Controls the amount of time the skip buttons skip forward and back
socialSharing Comma separated list of the format 1/0,1/0,1/0 (e.g. 1,1,1) null Takes three values which can be 1 or 0 used to display buttons for Facebook/Twitter/Email, download, embed. e.g. 1,1,1 will display them all and 0,1,0 will display download only
startMute true, false false Sets the player to be automatically muted
stretching true, false false If set to true, the video will expand to fit the player size, rather than maintaining its aspect ratio
videoObjectFit fill, contain, cover,
none, scale-down
contain Changes the way the video is scaled to fit inside the iframe embed, using the object-fit CSS property
videoURL Custom URL null Sets the URL of the page on your site where you've embedded the video for social sharing

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