Upload Limits

At vzaar our philosophy has been to enable users to share their video content regardless of its size. That's why we have no time restrictions on any of the video uploaded to our platform. From one minute in length to over an hour, your video can be uploaded to vzaar.

All new vzaar accounts have an upload limit of 5gb per video. Accounts on older plans do have lower upload limits. However, if you're on an older plan and would like to increase your upload limit, you're free to upgrade to one of our newer packages any time.

What if my video exceeds the limit?

You can always reduce the size of your file before uploading to vzaar. HandBrake is a great piece of free software that allows you to re-encode your videos. The options are to reduce the bitrate, the picture size, or both. Below is a screenshot of HandBrake with these areas highlighted.


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