Video SEO

If you want your videos to appear in search engine results, vzaar can help. We create video sitemaps which allow search engines to index your videos.
Enable Personal Sitemap in your  account settings under the ‘Video SEO’ tab.

Once enabled, there are some additional steps you need to take in order for your sitemap to be correctly indexed.

  • Choose which videos you would like to be included in your sitemap. You can either: enable all videos in your global account settings; include /exclude each video on its individual settings page. This will override your global setting.
  • Go to the Sitemap statistics section. Click the excluded videos box to see which videos aren’t included and edit.
  • Fix any errors and/or warnings
  • Copy the sitemap code into your site’s robots.txt file. Click the ‘How to add your sitemap’ link for detailed instructions.

Do I need to copy the Sitemap code every time I add a new video to it?

Vzaar can automatically update your sitemap for you. This means that you only need to add your sitemap to your robots.txt file once.
To enable automatic generation toggle the ‘Auto sitemap generation’ to on.

We will then regenerate your sitemap daily, when we notice a change to your videos.

What do the Sitemap statistics mean?

Here you will find information on which videos are included in your sitemap, and any issues that might be preventing videos from being included.

We group videos into three areas:
  • Perfect – videos which will be correctly indexed by the search engines
  • Warnings – videos which will be included in your sitemap, but which have minor issues which might affect how Google indexes them
  • Errors – videos with serious issues which we will not include in your sitemap to prevent indexing errors.

How can I fix errors?

Each video must have:
  • Title
  • video description
  • video url on your website
If any of these fields are missing your video will be excluded from the sitemap.
To fix these errors:
  • Click the Errors section of your Sitemap Statistics to see the full list of videos which can not be included
  • Click ‘Edit’ on each video and enter the highlighted fields

What is a warning?

Videos included in the warnings section will be included in your sitemap, but they may incorrectly indexed by search engines.
This can happen if you have:
  • Duplicate content: If your video shares its title or description with another video in the sitemap you may be penalized by the search engines.
  • Invalid Embed: This happens when the video is not embedded on the video URL you have specified. You can check whether the video can be found on the specified URL by clicking verify next to the input field.
Important: We can only verify video embeds which have been embedded using the iFrame embed code.

How long will it take my videos to be indexed?

This can vary from site to site. Experts estimate that it can take a while - even as long as 1 or 2 months - so please don’t worry if results don’t appear quickly. As long as you have fixed all errors and verified your sitemap your videos will be indexed.

For more information on Video Sitemaps, please consult the  Google documentation