White Label Embed Codes (CNAME)

Designed to be a true white label video hosting solution, vzaar lets businesses brand everything - even embed codes. This means that if a client were to copy your embed code, instead of getting this:

<code><iframe allowFullScreen allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="432" id="vzvd-918833" name="vzvd-918833" src="//view.vzaar.com/918833/player" title="video player" type="text/html" width="768"></iframe>

They would get something like this:

<code><iframe allowFullScreen allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="432" id="vzvd-918833" name="vzvd-918833" src="//videos.yoursite.com/918833/player" title="video player" type="text/html" width="768"></iframe>

This is accomplished through the use of a CNAME. A CNAME is essentially an "alias" that can be used to mask other URLs, like the ones we use for your videos at vzaar. In order to use a CNAME, you will need to create one first with your domain hosting company. Once created, then you can enter your new CNAME into your vzaar account.

Creating a CNAME

Before you can mask the vzaar address in your embed codes, you must first create a CNAME with your DNS, the service you use to host your domain.

CNAMEs take the form of a prefix, called an "alias," on your domain. If your domain was "yourdomain.com," possible CNAMEs could be "video.yourdomain.com", "view.yourdomain.com", or really "anything.yourdomain.com".

There are dozens of DNS options out there - popular services include GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and 1and1 - and the process for setting up a CNAME can differ slightly from service to service. If you're familiar with your provider's interface and feel comfortable making edits, you should look for the CNAME or "Alias" option in your account.

Otherwise you should get in touch with your DNS support team, or if you have one, your network administrator, and request the following:

A CNAME with an alias of _____ that points to "view.vzaar.com".

The alias can be any word you want as long as it isn't already in use, but we'd suggest using something relevant like "videos".

Keep in mind that it can take up 48 hours for the CNAME to take hold in your DNS.

Applying a CNAME to your videos

Once you've setup a CNAME with your DNS, log into your vzaar account and head over to the global settings page and select the  Branding tab.

Under "Branded Domain Names" enter in your new CNAME and click "Validate."

You're all set! From here on out, any mention of vzaar will be removed from your embed codes. Please note this will not apply to any previously embedded videos.


Why isn't vzaar able to validate my CNAME?

If you've already waited a full 48 hours for your CNAME to take hold with your DNS, then you should check with your DNS to make sure your CNAME is pointing correctly to "view.vzaar.com".

Can I use a white label embed code with HTTPs embeds?

White label embeds are not compatible with HTTPs pages. Due to the secure nature of HTTPs pages, you aren't able to mask vzaar URLs with your own domain.

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