Video Quality

Getting Started

vzaar offers you great flexibility in managing the size and quality of the videos you upload.

Choosing the right size for your output video is dependent on many factors one should consider before uploading.

These include:

  • How important is good quality playback to your product or service offering?
  • How large do you need the video playback to be? Where will the video be embedded? Do you expect customers to view it in fullscreen?
  • How much bandwidth are you prepared to consume in the playback of this video?
  • How many times do I expect this video to be viewed (in working out cost implications)?
  • How good is the internet connection of your clients likely to be?

Once you have decided you can begin uploading a video by clicking 'Upload' from the top right anywhere within vzaar.

Video Encoding

Before talking about your encoding options it is important to cover the DO NOT ENCODE (DNE) option found at the bottom of the page.

The DNE is considered an advanced feature. It is available to our users who want to manipulate their video settings before they load it up to vzaar (with your own software on your device) and want vzaar to preserve all of these settings.

The DNE will only work if your video source is in the MP4 format.
If it is not already an MP4, then the encoder will process your video (as per your other settings).

Also check out our complete guide to video encoding for more information.

Most of our users leave encoding ON.

Player Size and Compression

vzaar provides you with some presets which help you quickly choose some video settings. You will notice that when you choose these quick settings that it will update the variables on the screen. You can still adjust these or just go with the preset settings.

The preset dimensions are described on this page.

You can also choose custom settings to get exactly the right encoding for your needs.