Password-Protecting Your Videos

vzaar allows you to password-protect individual videos or your whole collection, so that you have even more control over who sees your content.

Adding a password to individual videos

When logged in to vzaar, click 'videos' and choose the one you wish to password-protect by clicking the 'manage' button.

Then, on the individual video's page, click 'settings', then 'security'. Turn password protection on, then choose the password and the time in seconds at which you want the prompt to appear.

Adding a global password

Go to the Security section of your Global Setting Page and you can turn on password protection. Choose your password and the time in seconds where the prompt will appear and this setting will now apply to all of your videos.

Try it out!

The following video - of Santa, a robot, and some martians - has a secret password. Select the following text to find it out: OpenSesame (oh, and don't forget: it's case-sensitive).

Caveat: To use password protection you must be using the iframe embed code. The direct asset link to the video (the /video link) bypasses the player and will fail with an error.

Also, the download link (/download) will also fail with an error as there's no way to enter a password when using a link. The download button in the player uses the same URL so, unfortunately, this means that downloading and password protection are not compatible and can not be used together.

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