Poster Frame

The vzaar system automatically generates a poster frame and thumbnail from the first frame (0 seconds). If you would prefer a specific poster frame and thumbnail then it is possible to manually change it.

The thumbnail picker is available on every video asset page (just click "Settings" at the top right corner of the player and choose the "Poster Frame" icon or go straight there at the URL, replacing 0000000with your video ID) and allows you to manually select the timing of the frame you want as your thumbnail.

How do I update my thumbnails?

  1. Log into vzaar and pick your video from your 'videos' page by clicking the 'manage'button.
  2. Scroll through the video to the frame you want as your thumbnail and make a note of the number of seconds into the video the frame appears at.
  3. Enter the number in seconds into the thumbnail generator to the right hand side and hit the 'update' button. For example, a thumbnail at 1min 22 seconds should be entered as 82 (60 seconds + 22 seconds)

Can I upload a custom image?

Of course!

  1. Click "choose file"
  2. Choose the image you want from your computer
  3. Hit update

Can I pick a default thumbnail?

Yes you can. This is particularly useful if you have an intro that you use with all of your videos, as it will save you from setting each individual video's poster frame manually.In your settings page, you can select a default time (in seconds) and vzaar will automatically generate the thumbnail for all future videos uploaded based on that time.

Needless to say you can still amend any video thumbnail uploaded individually.

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