Do Not Encode

As a default we encode all the videos you upload to vzaar. If you'd like to preserve the original source and turn off encoding - 'DNE' for short - then this is possible. To do this the file must already be an mp4.

In order to bypass the encoding stage you need to add "Do Not Encode" as a rendition to your ingest recipe which is created in your encoding settings


Your sources must be H.264 encoded in a .MP4 container. The source video file will then be played in your video player and this will be the default setting for all future video uploads.

Note that, if you are using  Watermarking for security, your watermark will not be added as encoding is required to use that feature.

Using this feature will also retain the original sound source. If you have a video that you want to retain stereo sound on then you'll need to use the Do Not Encode feature.

When we encode your videos we ensure the moov atom is at the beginning of the file. If this is not done beforehand and you decide to not encode your video we can not fix it. This will cause your video to delay playback until it is found, the longer the video the more pronounced this wait is. You can take care of the moov atom before uploading by encoding your video locally on your machine.

You can find more information about moov atoms here:  Understanding the MPEG-4 movie atom.