vzaar allows you to create your own video podcast feed that you can syndicate through iTunes. Now anyone can subscribe to your feed and automatically receive your videos on their PC or iDevice.

Creating a basic podcast

This is as simple as visiting your videos page and clicking the podcast button. vzaar will generate a custom link so that people may subscribe to your video updates.

Keep a note of this link, so that you can use it on your website to encourage your clients to subscribe. When clicked on, the feed will automatically open up iTunes and subscribe the person to your podcast. iTunes can be downloaded for free from the Apple website.

Creating a custom podcast

You can now create a podcast with a custom name using our labelling feature. Once you've decided on a title, add that name as a label to all the videos you want to include. You can find more help on labels  here.
Next, click the label name at the top of your videos and then click 'apply'.

Clicking the 'podcast' button while now give you a link featuring your label name. This also removes your login name from the link so you could, for example, create named podcasts for different clients using this feature.

Now, when users click your podcast link, you will see your label name as the title in iTunes:

Note: You don't have to keep regenerating the podcast link; any videos that you add the label to in the future will automatically be added to the podcast's feed.

Choosing how many videos will be listed in your podcast

Your podcast will automatically default to the most recent five videos in your list. However, you can choose to display more or fewer by going to  settings and then clicking the  Playlist/Podcast tab.

Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes

You can submit your video feed to the iTunes library by following the steps listed  here.

Technical Notes

  • The videos will be downloaded in mp4 format.
  • The customer will now have a saved copy of your video on their PC.
  • Different Apple products (ie iPhone, Apple TV etc) have different specifications for viewing video. It is therefore possible that certain versions of your video - for example an HD video - will not play. You can review these specifications here:


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