Video Streaming Player

RTMPe Video Streaming is a video delivery option available as part of the advanced feature set.

The default delivery method is Progressive Download.

We also have an Autosensing option which will fall back to HTTP Progressive Download should the RTMPe stream be blocked or if the player is set to loop.

By selecting either RTMPe Streaming Forced or HTTP Progressive Forced means that only that delivery method will be used.


You can also select your preferred video player - either HTML5 or Flash. If security is very, very important to you we recommend selecting RTMPe streaming with "Flash Player Only". This will mean that your stream will never fall back to Progressive Download.

Please note, RTMPe was designed by Adobe for use with Flash. As such, streaming can only be used with the Flash video player.

  • Choosing "Flash Player Only" will mean that your video won't play if Flash isn't present.
  • Choosing "Flash Player First" will mean that, if Flash is not present, we will serve the HTML5 player and delivery will default back to Progressive Download.

See how vzaar keeps your videos secure by clicking here.