Creating Playlists with Categories

vzaar allows you to create Playlists to group multiple videos into a single player that you can embed anywhere to allow the playback of several videos in one place.

Start with a Category

Before you create a Playlist you'll need to create a Category to populate the Playlist from. All you have to do is click the + Category button, type a name and press Enter. Then you can add some videos to that Category and you're ready to create a Playlist.

How to create your Playlist

Creating a Playlist takes just a few clicks:

  1. Click + Playlist
  2. Type a Playlist Title
  3. Select the Category of videos to use

Playlist Settings

Playlists have a number of settings:

  • Number of videos: Limit the playlist to a certain number of videos
  • Video size: Set the size of the embedded video player
  • Position thumbnails: Whether the thumbnails of videos in the playlist should be on the top, bottom, left or right
  • Sort videos by: Whether videos should be sorted by Date, Title or Custom (see below)
  • Order videos by: Whether videos should be in Ascending or Descending order
  • Autoplay: Whether the first video should start playing when the page loads
  • Continuous play: Whether the next video should load when the current one finishes
  • Private: Ensure you are the only one that is able to view your playlist
You can also set the defaults for new playlists by going to  Playlist / Podcast Settings.

Custom Sort

If you set Sort to Custom then you can click-and-drag videos to reorder them in your playlist. This feature enables you to sort beyond just Date or Title and gives you complete control over your playlists.

How to embed your Playlist on your website

Hover over any Playlist and you'll see three dots which you can click to change its settings. You can also click Copy Embed Code and the embed code will be copied to your clipboard, ready to be embedded wherever you like.

Sample Playlist

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