Why my advert isn't appearing in my video?

You have inserted your advert into a video but it is not appearing? 
This can be due to 2 reasons: 

1. Ad Tag Restrictions

If you find that your advert isn’t appearing in your video you’ll need to look to the ad tag to find out what’s going on.

The good news is there’s a handy tool to help you troubleshoot: Google’s Video Suite Inspector. Enter your tag in here and it will let you know if there’s some form of an error. You can then go back to your advertising provider to iron it all out.

Check with your advertising provider to make sure that your tags are:

– Live
– Location Specific
– Website Specific

If any restrictions are turned on for the ad tag then you won’t be able to test them; the tag simply won’t provide a response.

2. Device Appropriate Ads

You’ll also want to be sure that you’re using the correct ad format for the device your viewer is watching on.

Check into your audience demographic. If the majority are watching your videos from mobile devices make sure you’re not sending a Flash ad.

In order to tell which type of ad you’ve got, paste the ad tag into your browser. This will bring up the XML file. It looks like this: