Embedding vzaar Videos on Facebook

With vzaar, customers have the opportunity to share videos on social media, whilst ensuring that their content is securely stored and encrypted. Sharing video online is without a doubt a must in digital marketing, and one of the most popular platforms to share content is Facebook.

Since switching all of its web videos from  Adobe Flash to HTML5, Facebook is no longer able to support the use of external players (including vzaar, Youtube and others) on its platform. This was great, as it allowed Facebook users to create posts and comments where the videos can be played on the platform. 
Although Facebook claimed that the move could lead to quickly apply new changes to its player, and create a player that is more accessible to people with visual impairments; this change has taken away the ability to embed videos from external sites unless Flash is enabled and that only page links can be seen in posts and comments.
What Can You Do?
Adding page links, although not ideal, is still a good option. Having your videos hosted with vzaar ensures that your content is streamed with encryption and although we don’t recommend it, it’s possible to view videos embedded on Facebook where Flash is enabled.
If there is anything else more information that you would like help with regarding this matter, please feel free to contact support@vzaar.com as we'll be more than happy to help you!