Live Streaming

With our new live streaming feature you can broadcast your content in real time to your entire audience! If you would like to have live streaming enabled on you account please contact our support team.

How to get started

Once we have set you up with the live streaming feature you will see a 'Start Live Stream' button in the 'Advanced Video Link' section of your videos manage page.

After starting your livestream you will be given a link to your live stream and a key that you will use in your broadcasting application.

Setting up your broadcasting software

You are free to use whichever broadcasting software you wish, for this example we will be using OBS. OBS is an easy to use free live broadcasting program that will allow you to create a live stream using either your computer screen or your webcam.

In the stream settings of your application, enter your live stream url and key then click 'OK'.

Now you are ready to start your live stream! Just select 'Start Streaming' in the main window of OBS.

Once you are streaming, return to your video and click play. You will now see your live stream instead of your video.

When you are done streaming just select 'Stop Live Stream' where you got your live stream url and key

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