Delivery is the mechanism by which we get the bits and bytes of your video content from our servers to your viewers. To find your delivery settings in your global settings, click "SETTINGS" in the green marquee at the top of your vzaar dashboard then click the "Delivery & Embed" icon in the column to the left:

With the market moving away from Flash as the de-facto standard for online video, along with the explosion in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, our delivery options are now rather simpler than they have been in the past. As you can see there are two options:

Compatible Delivery

Compatible Delivery uses "HTTP Live Streaming" (HLS) to deliver your video content to our HTML5 player. HLS is a technology created by Apple for adaptive streaming. It's a core component of iOS, OSX and Safari. HLS is designed for reliability and dynamically adapts to network conditions by optimizing playback for the available speed of wired and wireless connections.

Simply put, HLS ensures that, regardless of platform, device or internet connection, your viewers see the best possible version of your video.

Our HTML5 player is easily embeddable and ensures that your videos will play across a wide spectrum of devices, platforms and browsers. HTML5 is the de-facto standard for internet video and is well-supported by all major browsers and has been for quite some time.

We recognize that some clients have audiences who are locked into specific technologies or browsers and, in cases where the viewer's browser does not support HTML5 video (e.g. IE 8.0), we'll fall back to our Flash player and deliver that.

Secure Delivery

Secure Delivery is included at the Premium and Enterprise subscription levels, but not at the Self-Service level.

There's a whole document dedicated to secure delivery: vzaar Secure