At the end of 2015, we launched an update to our web-based uploader called the 'Gigaloader':

Simply put, it improved on our regular uploader in two main ways:

Chunks: unlike our older, regular uploader which uploaded the source file from your browser to our server in one continuous upload, the new Gigaloader splits the video into small chunks, uploads those in sequence, then reassembles the video on our server form the chunks. This approach makes the Gigaloader more resilient as, if there is an error, the whole upload does not fail  just a chunk which can be retried. The second advantage is...

Pause and resume: shortly after you start uploading a video with the Gigaloader, you'll see a "Pause Upload" button appear:

Clicking it puts the upload on hold. You can resume the upload by clicking the "Resume Upload" button:

You might use this feature if you're half way through a very large, long upload and you need to disconnect your laptop and move to a different location with a different internet connection.

API uploading

Our API endpoints and libraries have been updated to support the underlying chunked uploading used by the Gigaloader: API Libraries

Depending on the nature of your application, you may need to consider changing the chunk size used by your uploader. We can switch the value in our back end (possible values are: 5Mb; 16Mb; 32Mb; 64Mb; 126Mb; and 256Mb) so, if this applies, just drop us a line:

We offer a reference implementation of chunked uploading which uses code written in-house in conjunction with some code from pluploadchunked-browser-upload-reference-implementation

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