What are overages?

Rather than place mandatory restrictions on a user's video as soon as they have exceeded their bandwidth allocation or to force users to upgrade their subscription when they occasionally go over the allocation, overages is a system which provides a useful way to allow users to continue to use our service. You manage your overages here: http://app.vzaar.com/account/add_ons

Overages rates.

The following rates are per each additional gb of bandwidth you use:

Standard playback: $0.50
China playback: $1.00

Please Note: These figures reflect the latest versions of our plans (released in September 2016). Older versions of these plans may have higher overage costs. If you are unsure whether you are on the latest version of your plan, please feel free to contact our support team and check.

Do I have to have overages active?

Overages are turned on by default and will be applied to your account when you sign up or upgrade. Overages can be turned off by logging in to your vzaar.com/account page. 

If your overages are turned off then video playback will stop once you have reached your monthly subscription limit.

Placing a cap on overages

Striking a balance is important. By allowing you to place a cap (in dollars), on your overages, you have the ultimate control on how your account behaves. 

By keeping a cap on your account, you know what the absolute amount that your account can be charged within a calendar month. 

By default half of your monthly subscription amount is placed as a cap on your overages.
Users who wish to have unlimited overages on their account should set their overages to $999999.

An Overage Example.

  • A user has the Self Service subscription package which costs $25.
  • They set their overage cap to $100.
  • Provided they stay below 250GB for the month, they will only be charged $25.
  • Including the overages they've enabled, they can use up to 300GB. Doing so would cost them $100 if this limit is reached. Thereafter their video playback will stop.

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