Using labels to manage your videos

Managing and sorting your videos

As the number of videos that are associated with your user account grows, it can become increasingly difficult to jump straight to the videos you wish manage.
By adding a label to your videos you are able to show specific groups of videos depending on their subject. By adding multiple labels to your video you are able to cross-filter your videos in a number of different ways.

Adding labels

You may add labels either once a video has finished encoding (not supported in bulk uploads), or by finding a video and clicking 'manage'. You can add multiple labels by adding a comma in between labels, or by saving your label and adding more at a later stage. Don't forget to click save.

You will see that your video has successfully been labeled when it appear as below. Removing a label is a simple case of clicking the 'x' to the right of the label:

Filtering with labels

On your 'videos' page you will see a list of the labels you have created. The quantity within that label group is displayed to the right of the label.
By clicking on the label you wish to filter upon and clicking apply, you will now only see the videos with that label:

By clicking multiple labels you will create a combined filter. This means that the videos that will be returned are videos that contain both labels:

Removing a filter

To remove a filter you can either individually click the filter you wish to remove, or click 'clear all' and then 'apply'.

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