Source Storage

Source Storage allows you to keep the original, unencoded, version of your video on vzaar’s servers. Think of it as a remote backup for master copies of your content.

Free 30-day Source Storage

Without Source Storage enabled we will still hold on to your source files for 30 days. This is a free feature of vzaar, which is available to all users.

For those first 30 days after upload, you can freely download your source file. This allows you to easily access original copies of videos, which might be in need of a little tweaking after upload. However, this is not a long-term solution for storing unencoded source material.

Enabling Long-Term Source Storage

To enable long-term Source Storage head to the  add-ons section of your dashboard:
Turn Source Storage on and we will store your source file for as long as your video remains in your account. Please note, this will add to your account's total storage usage. If you go over your subscription storage limit (which is obviously more likely with Source Storage enabled) we'll charge you an overage based on the amount of additional storage you use.
You can download a video’s source file on the video manage page for that video - there's a link to the original source file in the "Content storage" section:

The source file remains available depending on whether you have source storage enabled. However, once a video is deleted, both its source and output are removed. Be mindful of this if Source Storage is your primary backup!

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