Link Uploader

The link uploader lets you upload a video from any public URL rather than from a file saved on your local hard disk.

If you have a video on your own servers, in Dropbox, or on another video hosting service, the link uploader can grab it and transfer a copy to vzaar.

The URL for the Link Uploader is: Using it is simple:

  1. Enter the video link. Remember the URL should point to a video file, not a page with a video embedded on it. In Dropbox, for example, you’ll get a link that looks something like this:
  2. If you desire, modify your encoding settings and hit upload.
  3. We’ll email you when the video has been successfully uploaded

You should find that, because the file has already been uploaded to another server, the transfer is very quick. Generally servers have much better upload speeds than desktop computers, and the Link Uploader makes good use of that fact.

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