Adding video to eBay listings manually

Adding video to eBay listings manually is straightforward. You'll need to know some basics on your own computer like cutting and pasting but if you can do that, you can add video to an eBay listing.

1. Upload the video to vzaar

First, you need to get the video into your vzaar account if it's not already there. You can read about uploading here:  Video quality.

2. Access the settings for the video

Log into  vzaar and visit your video list by clicking "VIDEOS" in the green bar at the top of the screen. You can get to the settings for the video you wish to embed by clicking the "Manage" button:

3. Copy the embed code

eBay doesn't let you use our standard 'iframe' embed code so you need to switch to our regular HTML embed code before copying the embed code to your clipboard:

4. Create or edit your listing

Now you need to create or edit the listing in which you wish the video to appear. You have to do this in eBay's HTML mode so that they know what to do with the HTML embed code:

Adding the video is as simple as pasting the embed code (which is already in your clipboard) into the listing:

5. Preview or publish

Now, when you preview or publish your auction listing, the video will be replaced by the actual video:

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