How does the Free Trial work?

Our Trial is a great evaluation tool and is completely free of charge, giving you access to the full feature set of the platform.
It's a useful tool to help you satisfy yourself that we meet your requirements and familiarize yourself with our service and the look and feel of the video end-product. It's also an excellent way to experiment with uploading and encoding your video content to get an accurate idea of your monthly bandwidth requirements.
The Trial comes with 10GB of test bandwidth. We'd recommend that you use your bandwidth carefully to ensure that you're able to test all features during the Trial period. If you post a test video on the home page of your website and thousands of people view it, you'll exhaust your Trial bandwidth too quickly.
You can upload up to 50 videos for testing and the maximum file size for uploads (in the Trial only) is 2GB.
There's no commitment and, when the trial is over, you can choose to subscribe to our service by visiting your  Plans page or you can simply walk away and your account will expire and be scheduled for permanent deletion.

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