Using Our Basic Gigaloader to Upload Videos

Uploading a video will transfer the file from your device to our servers at Amazon. Once we have the file we can either send it to our encoder or place it directly into your account depending on your encoding preferences. 


Uploading a video is the first step you will need to take once you have logged into your account for the first time. To do this you will need to select the purple 'UPLOAD VIDEO' button at the top of your dashboard.

This will take you to our uploader where you will select a file to upload and your encoding preferences. For a list of our allowed filetypes please see our supported file formats article.

Video dimensions: The dimensions of your player is based upon how wide you wish the player to be, the height will then be calculated by maintaining the same aspect ratio the source file had.

Compression level: The level of compression determines the level at which you wish to encode your video. The higher the bitrate you choose the more information we will use to stream your video, this will result in a higher quality video for your viewers. Unfortunately, this also means your accounts allowed monthly bandwidth will be used up faster. Not to worry though, if you need a little extra bandwidth all you have to do is set up your overage allowance in your account settings.

Encode all videos: This will toggle the encoding feature on and off all together.

Magic encoding: Magic encoding can be activated if you wish to encode your video but only at a maximum of bitrate that is equal to or less than that of your source file. Encoding your videos at a bitrate that exceeds that of your source file will make the encoded version LARGER than the source file as it is loaded with white noise that will do nothing to improve the quality of your video but will cost you bandwidth to stream.

Dual encoding: Dual encoding will create two encoded renditions of your video. Your viewers will automatically switch between these versions depending on their connection speed. This is very useful for reaching a larger audience as those with good connections will be able to watch stream a high definition version while those with a lesser connection an receive the standard definition version.

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