Enable remote support by setting up TeamViewer

Some problems are easier to solve when we can see your screen and run through diagnostics and troubleshooting remotely. We can so this easily using a tool called TeamViewer.

Download and install
Go to: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/dyngate.aspx#version8 and download and install version 8.x of TeamViewer QuickSupport for Mac or Windows - whichever you have. Once it's downloaded, install it the way you would any other application.
Run TeamViewer
When you start up TeamViewer, you'll see a screen that looks like this - you'll see an ID and a password (in the 'Allow Remote Control' tab):

When you're ready, or at the time you've scheduled to run through the screen share, grab us on Live Chat - just navigate to our home page at  http://vzaar.com and 'Click for Live Help' at the bottom of the page. We're online there between 9am GMT and 6pm Pacific. Have your ID and password ready.
Other applications
If you're unable to use TeamViewer for any reason, just let us know - there are other options on the market and we're happy to use the application which is most convenient for you (e.g.  zoom).