Uploading audio files

vzaar is primarily focused on video hosting and delivery but we also support the uploading, encoding and delivery of audio files.

The  vzaar uploader page will automatically detect whether you're uploading audio or video files, and will create the one rendition for your audio.

MP3 files are preferred, but other file formats can still be uploaded. A full list of these formats can be found here. However, we'd advise converting your audio files to MP3 before uploading for the best results.
Like your videos, we provide an iframe for embedding your audio files in your own websites. For playback, we deliver an elegant, minimal player for audio.
You can adjust the appearance of the audio player in the 'manage' page settings:

You can also resize the audio player by simply amending the `width` and `height` attributes of the iframe.
Here are a few examples of how you can customize the player according to your preferences:

The default vzaar audio player

Audio player with brand text

Audio player with custom colors

Audio player for different screen sizes

< 72 px height

150px – 190px width

< 150 px width

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