What happens if I go over my monthly bandwidth allowance?

Every vzaar subscription has a set amount of monthly bandwidth. We understand that it can be hard to predict viewer traffic so you have a couple of options if you're going to use more than your monthly bandwidth:

  • Anticipate and upgrade. Your dashboard analytics make it easy to track your usage on an on-going basis. If your use is trending upwards and you're going to need more bandwidth, you can upgrade your account at any point in the month and we'll prorate the change to the day.
  • Overages. If it looks like you're going to need just a small 'relief valve' of bandwidth to get you through a small spike, you can go into overages. You can tell us to limit your overage to a specific amount by setting an overage cap in your account add-ons. Overages are charged in arrears.

Note: If you breach your bandwidth limit and go into overages and upgrade your account after the overage has been used, the upgrade is not applied retrospectively and that overage will still be charged.

If you go over your limit and overages and do not take action, your viewers will see a BWE (bandwidth exceeded) error and will likely contact you.

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