Selecting a plan

Selecting a plan that suits you is the most important step in getting your videos out and on to the world stage. Choosing the right level of security, storage and bandwidth are crucial,  and understanding the features that you require is vital!

Our plans:

Our plans may look technical at first glance but in reality, it’s quite simple: the more you put in the more you get out!

Each plan builds on the previous, offering more security, bandwidth, storage, and ease of use to make sure you can convey your products, ideas and content to your audience - the way you want it.

Self Service

Our entry level plan provides you with an impressive amount of storage and bandwidth. At 250GB of storage, one could store hundreds of HD videos with ease, making it very useful for testing the waters on new products or ideas. 

Even with the Self-Service feature set, we offer premium security on your videos, offering domain control and secure embed codes.

And Finally, as is true with all of our feature sets:

Quality streaming is assured.


With our Professional plan, you get  4 times the storage and bandwidth of the Self Service feature set, coupled with more seats and renditions! On top of this you also receive access to a multitude of new features and security options: 

  • Signed Keys encryption for maximum security on your content.
  • Stronger playback in mainland China.
  • Access to our Javascript API
  • Monetize your videos with pre-rolls, mid-rolls and/or end-rolls of your choice.
  • Password protection - control who is watching your content. 

Have questions about any of these features? Hop on the Live Chat or send us an email at


Our final plan is the Enterprise Plan, giving you another  4 times increase to your bandwidth, bringing it up to 4TB coupled with 2TB of storage! The Enterprise plan gives you complete control of all of our available features, as well as a personal account manager, to help customize your account to fit your needs and provide in depth support for any query you may have. 

It also opens up the opportunity for live streaming!

Finally, if the enterprise plan doesn’t cover your needs, don’t panic! Our sales team can help you work out a custom plan that will suit your requirements with no hassle.