What is Flash and what version of Adobe Flash Player do I need?

To quote Adobe, " Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content." For many years, it has been the software necessary for video to be properly deployed and displayed across the Internet.
We currently support Flash Player version 10.2 and above. You can  download the latest for free here. You can also see what version your computer has presently installed  here.

Version 10.2 of Flash Player has been available since August 2008 and Adobe regularly remind users with older versions to update. We are confident that the vast, vast majority of Internet users will be able to view your video. If you are having problems viewing your video please contact us.

As technology evolves, standards change. Flash is very much being replaced in the online market - and especially the online video market - by HTML5 video. Neither you nor your viewers need worry because we'll deliver a Flash or HTML5 player as appropriate according to your delivery settings.

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