Firewall Issues

If you're unable to view a vzaar video, or you are receiving a pnf18/ikm20 or " video is unavailable" error message, you may need to amend your security/firewall settings.

Whitelist URLs

The following wildcard URL needs to be allowed access in order for the video to play back:


Unfortunately, we can't provide a stable range of IP addresses for whitelisting by address. The problem is that vzaar is a cloud service which uses a global content delivery network. As a result, the IPs in use are many and highly dynamic in their nature. Whilst we could provide a temporary list of addresses, it would not be a reliable solution for long-term access, as they would soon become invalid. Indeed, in large part, that's the whole point of domain naming.

The best idea would be to run regular DNS lookups on * These lookups would give a list of the current IPs for entry into a whitelist. Depending upon your firewall configuration, it should be possible to write a script for the process and run it automatically at a set intervals.

It's not ideal though. If you absolutely require a list of IP addresses, then I am afraid that we do not - indeed can not - meet that requirement.


Any one of the following ports must be open:

80 443 1935

Note: It is also very important that you have the latest version of Flash

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