What are the differences between the IFRAME and OBJECT embed codes?

The embed code is what you use to make your video appear on your website.

We provide two types of embed code. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, we recommend using our iframe method.

Iframe embed code

The iframe embed code is, in effect, a window onto a remote page which contains your player. To the outside world, this just looks like a video. However, it allows us to alter your embed dynamically, to accommodate your settings and your viewer’s software configuration.

For instance, if your viewer doesn’t have  Flash installed, the iframe will detect this and automatically use the HTML5 version of vzaar’s player.

Moreover, when settings are updated, the iframe embed updates in real time to match your configuration. Any alterations to your preferences are applied instantly, without any changes to the embed code.

Object embed code

The plain HTML (Object) embed code is now considered to be deprecated. We would only recommend its use in situations where iframe embedding isn't possible. For all other uses, the iframe embed code will offer greater reliability and functionality.

Unlike the iframe, the HTML (Object) embed cannot handle settings updates dynamically. As Object embeds are static, many of their settings are applied within the embed code by parameters called Flashvars. When using the Object method, your settings are a static component of the embed itself.

In terms of HTML 5 and mobile compatibility, our HTML (Object) embed method can perform HTML5 playback, when required. However, HTML5 playback will be handled by your browser’s default media player. As a result, HTML5 playback behaviour and functionality will be determined by the browser, as opposed to vzaar.



<iframe id="vzvd-401491" name="vzvd-401491" title="vzaar video player" class="vzaar-video-player" type="text/html" width="384" height="216" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen allowTransparency="true" mozallowfullscreen webkitAllowFullScreen src="//videos.vzaarsupport.com/401491/player"></iframe>


<video controls height="216" width="384" poster="//videos.vzaarsupport.com/401491/image" ><source src="//videos.vzaarsupport.com/401491/video" /></video>

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