Can I encode my videos before I upload?

You can encode your videos before they're uploaded and if your files sizes are larger than 1GB, we suggest that you do just that. There are a number of free services out there that will aid you in doing this. We’d certainly recommend you try any of the following: Handbrake and Zamzar. Lastly, be sure to select an output format that we currently support.

To ensure that your videos are not encoded again after uploaded, you will need to turn the 'Encode All Videos' setting to 'OFF' in your settings page.


Setting the Encode All Videos option to 'off' means we avoid encoding the video again and preserve the original source. This also means a - sometimes significantly - quicker upload time for you too.

Please note that the source file must be in the MP4 (H.264 encoded) format if you decide not to encode the file again. Disabling the encoding feature means that the source video file will then be played in your video player, and this will be the default setting for all your future video uploads.

We'd recommend that you encode the video with a constant frame-rate. We use a constant 30fps internally.

Finally, ensure that the MPEG Moov Atom is at the beginning of your file. For more, see: Understanding the MPEG-4 movie atom. The software you use to render your .mp4 will probably have a setting to do this - it may be called "Web Optimization" or something similar.