Who do you partner with to deliver video content?

Hosting, serving and delivering video on demand can be a complicated process. At vzaar we take the strain on your behalf by working with a number of best-in-class partners in order to deliver a professional and reliable end to end solution. Here are details on just some of the partners we work with.

Content Delivery Network - Verizon/Edgecast

After much research and testing we chose Edgecast Networks. You can read more about their business here. Edgecast have hubs all around the world which ensures that when played, your video is streamed from the nearest hub possible to that viewer ensuring the very best delivery possible.

Video Encoding - Encoding.com

Encoding.com is the leading global provider of studio-class video services for websites offering user-generated and premium video, delivering over 4 million encoded videos since 2009. Encoding.com makes transcoding video into all popular formats easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable for global enterprises and SMBs.
Storage - Amazon S3

Also known as Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3, Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers reliable, scalable, and cost-effective computing resources on which we host our applications. Our servers run off a load balanced auto scaling EC2 cluster and we store our video data on S3. Perfect for your videos!

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