vzaar Magento Plugin

Our Magento plugin allows you to easily add videos to your Magento website. You can add your videos at website, category and page levels.

Configure your settings

Once you have  installed the plugin you will see a vzaar tab within your CMS.
  • Click the vzaar tab and go to settings.
  • Enter your vzaar username and API key
  • Choose where you would like the video to be displayed on the page: either inline with the product image area, or as a pop up lightbox
  • You can also choose to autoplay the videos
  • Hit save

Video in product image area

Video as lightbox

Website Level Video

To add a video to all product pages:

  • Click the vzaar tab and go to Video List
  • Find the video you want and copy its ID

  • Now go back to your default settings.
  • Enter the video ID in the "Default Videos" box provided and click save

If you would like more than one video to show on all of your product pages simply enter all the necessary video IDs separated by a comma.

Category Level Video

  • Find the category you would like your videos to appear on.
  • Go the vzaar video tab
  • Enter the appropriate video IDs separated by commas and hit save
  • Your video(s) will now appear on all products within that category

Product Page Video

  • Find the product page you want to add your video to
  • Select vzaar video from the menu on the left
  • Choose which videos you would like to appear from the list or enter the appropriate video ID and hit save
  • Your video will now appear on your product page (in the area you specified in your main settings)

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