Using Playlists

vzaar allows you to create a playlist which groups these videos in a player that allows your audience to select which videos within a playlist to playback.

Before you get started

Before you are able to create a playlist you need to label multiple videos which will form your playlist.

Please  read here for how to create labels.

Configuring your playlist settings

You can set global defaults for your playlists by going to  settings/playlist_podcast. You can choose the sort order of playlist in ascending or descending order, and whether to sort by title or date. You can also choose the thumbnail position for the Flash player.

You will also be able to set the maximum number of videos that can be listed within a playlist.

This is a global setting so it is worth setting this to a high value and controlling the amount of videos within a playlist with good labelling if you have many different requirements.

Embedding your playlist in your webpage

Click the  playlists tab at the top of any vzaar page. Here you can click Create New Playlist and choose the settings you require. If you need more advanced sorting, you can always rename your videos with a numbered prefix. Sorting by title will then order the videos using the numbers you chose.

Once you've chosen which label you want to use to generate the playlist, click 'Save' and you will be shown a preview of your playlist and the embed code to use.

Sample Playlist

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