The playlist feature is used to group a collection of videos together in one player so that you can embed them together for your audience to view.

Before you get started

Before you are able to create a playlist you need to label multiple videos. These labels will dictate which video will be in your playlist. To learn how to make labels please read our article  here.

Creating a Playlist

To create a playlist first you must select 'PLAYLISTS' on your green navigation bar.

You then need to select 'Create New Playlist'.

Here you must fill out the details of your new playlist.

First you will enter the 'Number of videos' you want to have in your playlist.

Next, select either 'All videos' or 'Labels'. If you select labels you will need to enter the labels of your videos that you want in the playlist.

You will then need to select your player size, a custom size can be set by selecting 'Custom' and entering your width and height in pixels.

Under 'Thumbnail Positions' you can select where your videos are displayed in relation to the video that is currently playing.

Next you must decide how your videos are ordered in the playlist by selecting a 'Sort Order' and a 'Sort Type'.

If you would like your playlist to begin playing as soon as the webpage is loaded, check the box below 'Autoplay'.

To have your playlist automatically play the next video immediately after the current video ends, check the box below 'Continuos Play'.

To ensure you are the only one that is able to view your playlist, check the box below 'Private'.

Once you are happy with your playlist settings click Generate to create the playlist.

Sample Playlist

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